Feb 26, 2015

This morning we went to Medichair and looked at my bed.  We went to Home Hardware to look for parts for the gutters.  We visited Surplus Herby’s  and then to the tool store.   We picked up the gutters at Home Depot and then headed home.  We got home at 6 pm. The cat met me at the door and was a white streak as she went outside.  

Feb 25th 2015

I had a good day.  My friend called and asked if I wanted to meet for lunch.  Dave drove in with me, we did a few things.  Then I went and had sushi with my friend.  We caught up on news and had a nice lunch.

Then Dave decided he couldn’t get what he needed here so we went home and throw some stuff in the car and went to Kamloops.  We visited Princess Auto, and Home Depot, both stores are not in our town.



Feb 23rd 2015

Well, I had a good sleep once I got there. I woke at 10 when I got a from back east.
I talked to her for a half an hour. Then I decided to vacuum, not a great idea. I got
half way through and my bronchial thickening got sore. Dave came in and finished it for me,
but I was sore till about 3:30. I had taken a Tylenol at 2 pm.

We are having roast chicken( my favorite dinner when I was getting back to normal after chemo.

Feb 22nd 2015

Wow, I had the best night I have had since before Christmas.
I took nothing last night when I went to bed. I fell asleep before
I took my pills. I slept undisturbed till 4 am until I had to get up to go to the bathroom.

I had to scratch the cat and walk her to her to her dish. She then came to bed with me.
I fell back asleep for a time and woke up sleeping at an angle. The cat had a third of the bed.
Dave asked me if I was cold, no it’s the cat.

I’m up now. I had a great day we went to Quesnel. We shopped at Walmart and Canadian Tire.
We made homemade pizza. I was good, then we watched tv and had a shower and went to bed.

Couldn’t sleep till 1 am so I took a zopiclone finally slept at 2 am.

Feb 21st 2015

I woke after a good night’s sleep. If you can call it that after 11/2 sleeping pills. The phone was ringing, it was my big sister. She had read my blog and wanted to touch base as we haven’t talked much lately.

My husband made me fresh coffee and scrambled eggs in a bun. He looks after me very well. I was so proud I looked at my pain log and I only took one ibuprofen yesterday. I didn’t take any T-3’s.

I took an ibuprofen at 11:00 am. I have been feeling really well today. I went outside his morning and this afternoon. I worked in my shop till around 3:30 pm. I was getting chilled so I came in and had hot chocolate with marshmallows. I spent the rest of the day working on my blog and watching movies.

FEB 20TH 2015

I woke up at 7:00 and let the cat out started the wood stove, went back to bed.  I got up had coffee and Dave made me bacon, eggs and home made hash browns.  We went to town for lunch, we had sushi. We checked out the sales at Canadian Tire.  Drove around a bit and came home.

Feb 19th 2015

Today has started off very well.  The cat let us sleep till 7:45.  I got up and let the cat out.  Went back to bed and watched tv for about an hour, waiting for the heater to warm the house. We got up I made coffee and my husband made me two eggs on toast.  He bought free range eggs from a lady near Quesnel.

I haven’t had to take any pain killers so far today.  I took the new pills at 10:30.  We had left-over stew for lunch.  Later on this afternoon our neighbor came over and visited for an hour.  Then we got an invitation to our other neighbor’s place.  We went over for a couple of hours.  I took a 600 mg ibuprofen but they didn’t take.

I took a couple of T-3’s and a zopiclone at bedtime. My husband went to sleep as males do. I checked facebook and chatted with my daughter who also was still awake. I told her I should sleep so we said good night. Then I tossed and turned from 10:30 pm till 11:30.  I sat up again till 1 am and then I went to sleep.

Feb 18 2015

I didn’t take any pains killers this morning because I have a Doctor’s appointment at 11 am.  Yeah, just as I figured she wants me to go back to Kelowna for radiation.  She gave me a prescription for the 600mg ibuprofen so they are paid for.  I went to the pharmacy and took one right away.  I wondered around to some stores I have never been in before.  I got my hair trimmed and had lunch. Then I washed my truck along with everyone else, but the snow is melting across the road and the gravel road is melting so it was kind of a waste of time.  I headed home around 3 and then I got a card for a parcel, again.

I started supper, my husband came home from Quesnel, he wanted to go to town to pick up his parcel.  So I drove back into town, got his parcel and came home.

I took my new pills, by the time I went to bed I didn’t have to take any T-3’s.  I did take a  sleeping pill about 10.

Feb 16 2015

I had a pretty good day.  I haven’t had any pain so no need for drugs.  I had a roast beef sandwich and Dave had leftovers, for lunch.  He went to town at 4 pm, his computer crashed.  I am going to get chicken out of the freezer for supper.  The cat won’t get off my lap, so the keyboard has been sitting on her for over an hour but she doesn’t seems fazed.

Feb 15 2015

Well today started like every day.  Breakfast, coffee and an ibprofen.  My husband went to Quesnel to see a tractor he wanted to buy.  I didn’t feel like bouncing in the car for three hours and he had to walk in about a mile to get to it.  Through the snow, I didn’t want to sit in the car while he was gone, because I would have slowed him up.

I had a spa day, I had a shower, then I polished my nails.

He got home about 3 pm and we made baked spareribs and spaghetti squash.  We stayed up and watch tv till about 9 pm. I took two T-3 and a sleeping pill.