March 19, 2015

Today we woke up to dizzily day. I think I will do some sewing and I have to clean up my sewing room because my brother and sister are visiting next month.

My daughter in law is going to be on Chopped Canada on Saturday night. I am so going to watch it. I have seen her on the local news as visiting chef but this is so much more exciting.

For anyone who knows me, Hell did not freeze over today. My husband has been raking for two days in our yard. His shoulders are so sore. I gave him a brasilian 600 mg ibprofen, and a rum and pepsi. I made dinner, that’s right folks I MADE DINNER. I told him to sit and do nothing, while I cooked. He has come out in the kitchen to check but has done nothing. I had to light some candles but that’s ok my stove needs cleaning.

March 18th, 2015

It was a beautiful day we went to town and had lunch at the sushi restaurant. I never in my life ever thought I would eat sushi, but I didn’t like yougart till I was 50. So you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Dave had a meeting at 7:15 tonight, I’m not going. I went to bed and watched the two hour special of Survivor.

March 17th 2015

This morning we woke at 8 am. The cat was still cuddled up with me. She was a bit pissy because I wanted to brush haer before she went outside. She was probably thinking, why did I come in.

Today I have been looking for things I haven’t seen for a while. I seemed to have lost a first aid kit. I checked all, yes all my cars. I found all the grocery bags I have been looking for all winter. Now I seem to have a dozen. Last week I had to buy bags.

I haven’t had much appetite lately. Dave asked what I wanted. I said a piece of toast is fine with me. We decided on chicken thighs and fried potatoes. The cat hasn’t come in yet. Tonight is worm pill she loves that too.

March 15, 2015

Sorry forgot to put the 15th in. It was another beautiful day. We went and pulled a tree up to the position. The tree is secured in place so it will grow straight. We spent some time outside. I bombed around the road and down the hill on my quad. I really enjoy my quad.

The neibor next door and from down the way came to visit. They came in and had beer and had a nice visit.

March 16th 2015

I slept in today, Dave woke up at 6 am and got up at 8 am. I got up at 8:45 and heated coffee. Dr. Kim’s receptionist call to ask me to get my blood tested today.
I went over to my neighbor’s to feed their cat. It was cool but they will be home tonight. I didn’t see the cat but the food was gone so I assume the cat is still alive. I drove to town, well I almost got to town, my phone rang. Dave asked where I was. I told him I was going but he didn’t listen to me. He wanted to come to town with me ooops. I went home and got him. I went to the Lab at the hospital for my cat scan that is scheduled for Friday.

We went to Walmart and bought some bread, eggs, and milk. We got water at the water store. We bought an alkaline stick for our water so I don’t have to buy alkaline water.

We came home and went to the dump at Mcleese Lake, I got our cat an automatic waterer and feeder. They were used but I washed them and the cat likes them. They will come in handy when we travel.

My cat came in at 8 pm. The wood stove was on, so I gave her a bath because she was black. She doesn’t mind the water, it’s the towel. She came downstairs and cuddled up with me about 9 pm. She was shaking and then she settled.

March 14th, 2015

Another great day, no jackets and blue sky and warm. Then it all went to hell. Around 2:30 the picked up and blew down trees.

The whole central interior was out of power. We lost power around 2:45 PM. Finally, as it was starting to get dark Dave got out the generator
and we set up to back feed the house, so we could have tv. Yeah that’s right not to cook dinner or the furnace, the tv.

We went to be around 8 PM and didn’t sleep till 1:30, we couldn’t sleep. A two sleeping pill night for both of us.

Friday the 13th 2015

We went to town to get the piece of my bed that they broke when they shipped it.

We went after lunch so we don’t have to buy lunch again. It was a lovely day, I didn’t even take a jacket.

We went to the share shack and I found a whole bunch of watches, so I scooped them up for my wind chimes.

March 12th, 2015

Today was a quiet day. Dave got up at 6 am, I slept till 8 am. I got up and made coffee. Dave spent time on the phone.

He had to go to town to get his blood tested. He left at 11:30 am. I stayed home and did my nails, looked up flights

for our trip to Bethesda. It is now 6 pm, so I started to make supper. I am making Swiss steak with noodles. He finally
got home at 7:45. He ran into a friend whose father is dying in the hospital,so he took her for coffee and listened to her talk.

March 10th 2015

The phone rang at 8 am. Who would call me at that time. Today was warm when we got up. I made coffee and started calling the Cancer clinic trying to get a hold of some one who called yesterday. She called and said to call back, then doesn’t answer the phone.

Then I called Maryland, I went to town and faxed the cancer clinic. We bought some groceries and pick up our trailer hitch.

When we got home we called around looking for medical records. Tomorrow I will go to town to get the medical records.