May 30th 2015

Well we started the day as usual for a Saturday.  We went to garage sales in town and out at 140 mile.  We bought a couple of things.  Then we went to Canadian Tire and bought some shrubs for my rock garden. We had lunch at the Sushi place.  Then we came home and planted them and then we took the stumps to the dump.  We stopped at the neighbors to see them.

Dave had left over sushi for supper and I had two hot dogs.


May 29th 2015

I haven’t mention my health lately.  Just to let everybody know I have been feeling great.  I haven’t had to take pain medication during the day.  I think in the last two weeks I have taken two or three ibuprofens.  We went quadding camping, walked around all day a the fleamarket.  I have been feeling like I don’t have Cancer I’m just old, except when I try and climb stairs or hills.

May 28th 2015

Sorry I haven’t written lately.  We were away down in the states.  We went to the big flea market for the weekend.  We bought a skeleton. I can’t get the picture to load properly.   I bought a couple of masks that I am going to paint to go with the other brass masks I bought before.

My husband went to town and I putter around the yard all and then I had to go to town to get water because our tank is not good.  So I changed water and today I am going to test it.

Apparently, my daughter checks in more often.  I got a phone call immediately after posting that I bought a skeleton.

May 19th 2015

My sister called at 8:30 am, I was laying awake but hadn’t got up yet.  She wanted to know if I wanted a rug my dad had hooked.  I don’t remember it so I said no, she had given me a sweater my mother had knitted for my dad.  We figure the sweater has to be 40 years old and it looks brand new.

I washed my quad again because it had some mud under the curves.  I worked in my shop for a few hours.  Dave put in my new grab bar.  I can’t find the tin foil for my camera.  I know I didn’t throw it away.  I always put thing away and then lose them.

May 18th,2015

Well we went camping for  three days.  This was the first camping. It rained a bit, the wind blew,  most of the time it was nice.  I took a few  movies with my quadocopter.

We went quadding on Saturday and Sunday. We came home around noon, emptied the trailer and washed the quads.   Dave washed the truck and trailer too.  We had lunch and a shower, put on a load of wash.


May 12th 2015

Well we were up late last night and then up early to get our friend’s off.  We had coffee, pancakes and fruit, bacon and scrambled eggs.

They left about 8:30, and I wanted a nap, but we went to the garden and planted seeds and  some plants.  We decided to have a shower and then went to town to get some groceries and my pills.  We picked up some more seeds and a few more plants.  The garden is looking really good.

I closed my eyes for about 5 minutes and then put the groceries away.   It is 7:45 and I am going to have a shower and go to bed.  Try and sleep early.

May 11th, 2015

We decided to plant the garden because it has been warm all week.  The plants have been outside for  a few days.   We worked from 10 am, till 3 pm, it was hot and we had to drink a lot of water.

We were really tired, Our friend’s said they would be here by 8 pm. About 9 pm they called from Williams Lake, so we waited for them to show them where to park.

They brought their dog, They didn’t put it on a leash so it chased our cat for a few minutes.  We  got the dog in the house and rescued the cat food from the floor, before the dog got it.  After about an hour the cat came back, I got her in the porch.  Everybody went to bed and got the dog into their bedroom.  I let the cat in for a snack and then we took the cat into our room.  It was now 11:30 and I was exhausted.

May 10th, 2015

Up early, loaded the truck and trailer, over to the hall.  Dave went to help with the Mother’s day breakfast.  He brought me a plate of food about 10 am.  I was busy selling stuff and talking to people.  Got a bit of sun, and made about $300.00 dollars.

We came back about 3:30, tried to unload the vehicles and trailers. Our friend’s called about 5 pm, to say they weren’t coming tonight because they had a flat and had to find a tire shop.

About 9:30 am I got a text from my ex daughter in law wishing me Happy Mother’s day. Meagan called to wish me Happy Mother’s day  I got her cards on Monday.   Graeme  called after  the hockey game.  That’s my son nobody calls during a game especially during play offs’

We went to bed early, and tried to catch up on some sleep.

May 9th, 2015

Today we spent waiting for our friends to call.  They are coming up to go to the Yukon, they mine gold up there.  They finally phoned at 4:30 to say they would be here tomorrow night.

We took the trailer over to the hall for tomorrow’s garage sale.  I put pop and water in the fridge for tomorrow.  It is suppose to be 25c.  I have sunscreen and fluids.  I am going to wear my new dress.  I heard from my brother in law he bought a new sewing machine for his store.

We packed the trailer and moved everything around the yard.

May 6th 2015

We were suppose to cut a tree down first thing this morning.  The wind was blowing too hard.  We cleaned out the front porch, getting things out for the garage sale.  We put the pellets inside, and straightened up things and then I sorted out the pantry.

We cut the tree down just around lunch time.  It went perfectly, right where we wanted it.

We chopped up the branches and put the garage sale stuff in the truck.