August 26,2015

Dave has been working on the carrier for our scooter.  He has taken a break from that today.  We have put the plywood on the wall Dave built a few days ago.  I have been doing just as much as Dave.  I put together my sawhorses because they were rattly.

August 24 2015

We went over to the island, we bought our scooter and visited my son and his fiance.  We went Princess auto then we went to Beacon hill park.  We bought ice cream and then we went for a walk.  We took the kids for supper.  We went to Milestone on the Inner harbor. The supper was awful.  We had to order food in our motel room because we were hungry.

Well, we bought a scooter for our motor home.  My kids laughed their asses off.  I don’t care we need some way to get around while we are parked and to go get beer and groceries.  We go for whitewater rafting anf we are taking our motor home to see how things go.

I am really excited about our adventure this winter. I am feeling awesome.

My daughter phoned last night and she and her boyfriend are going to come visit before we leave for the winter.

August 18,2015

Well we have bought a motor home.  We plan on travelling the southern states this winter.

We have gone through it and took out all the rattles.  I glued sticks in the doors to stop the glass from rattling.  Dave put the stove from the boat into the motor home.  It looks great.

I spent three hours cleaning the carpet.  I will finish tomorrow.

We are buying a scooter for the trip.  It is really cute.

August 5th 2015

Sorry I have been a little lacks about my blog.

The two grandchildren were here to visit.  They are so full of energy I was sleeping without a sleeping pill for two weeks now.  We went to Vancouver and met up with them.  We went to the Capilano Suspension Bridges, Stanley park and then we went for supper and then the fireworks.  The next day, we drove home and stopped at Hells gate.  We only lost them once, we forgot to tell them to turn at Hope.  They drove for a half an hour till they could turn around and come back to Hope.  FYI, there is no service for cell phone just outside of Hope.