Mesothelioma the unwanted guest

In September 2008, We didn’t even know what MESOTHELIOMA was.

I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. It started with the same way as my father. I had no idea what was happening.
I did tell my doctor before I even had a diagnosis, I told my doctor, I have cancer and I am going to die.  She thought I was crazy. Nine months later, she told me that she had  thought I was crazy and but now she believes me.

I didn’t know what my dad died of in 1974. He had a collapsed lung in May of 1973. He was in the hospital for six weeks. His lung wouldn’t heal. It kept filling when he was off the suction. They opened his chest, and said there was nothing they could do.  (in those days they had no scopes and imagining.) As the summer progressed, my dad throwing up and was losing weight. He went from a vibrant 180 pound man, to a shriveled 125 pound skeleton.  He was to the point where he couldn’t even keep down baby food. The end of July they put a plastic tube in for his esophagus. That meant he had to sleep sitting up and his head could not go below his stomach. He could eat again, he started to put on some weight but it was just building fluids. The doctors finally told us he had lung cancer.

We had one more Christmas and all the family came together, basically to say good-bye. He didn’t know he was dying, he would say things like, next summer we will go visit this place or that place.   He passed away Feb 5th,1974.
He lived for nine months, and not a word was mention of Mesothelioma or Asbestos.

I was devastated, I lost my dad before I finished high school and could start a life.

My Dad
My Dad

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