My Children

m0m36 copyMy Mom with Graeme and Dennis


mom60 copyMy Mom with Meagan

My children were all wanted. We were living in Kamloops when we were expecting our first child. About mid-January, we moved to Port Coquitlam. We had a three bedroom duplex with a backyard and a short walk to a park.  I stayed home with them from the time my oldest son birth until Meagan went to Grade One. We bought our first house in Mission in August of 1979. Housing was reasonable as we only had a minimum down payment. We got a bigger house with three bedrooms and two whole bathrooms. The basement was unfinished. The neighborhood was new,so there was a lot of young families. I tried to participated in all their sports activities.  I sewed all their clothes and baked all their snacks.  Which in those days was cookies, cakes. They could take those things for snacks to school in those days.

Camping was our holidays that and visiting Grandparents in Victoria.  We camped in Washington state, Alberta and BC.  We took the kids to Dinosaur Provincial park one summer, they really enjoyed the dinosaurs.  Meagan was only a few months old so she wasn’t quite as impressed.


He is my oldest son.  He had a rough start but he found cooking and he has been a chef in Vancouver for years.  He attended Dubrulle cooking school.


Is the middle child.  He went to live in Victoria when he was 14, he lived with his cousins.  He graduated high school there and has been self sufficient since then.   He has turned into a sensitive man.  He has a lovely girlfriend,  they are best friends too.  He asked her to marry him in Dec 2014.  They are getting married when they feel it’s right.


Meagan is the youngest, she lives in Vancouver.  She likes the big city life style.


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