The battle continues

We went home from Kelowna with the sense of doom. I had a doctor’s appointment to get things going for chemo. I started on Halloween, I used to work at the hospital so I had lots of visitors.
The chemo was hard on the veins so they made an appointment to get a pic line.

We had to travel to 100 Mile Hospital,  in a November  snow storm.   The procedure was worse then going to the dentist. They did give me a couple of adivan. Dave bought me a chocolate milkshake after the procedure at Dairy Queen. He bought me a warm blanket for the cold drive home.

I had six rounds of chemo. I had cat scans every three months. There was no change in the tumor.  By the end, my ears were ringing,from the nerve damage from the drugs, it finally went away. By Feb 2009, I realized I wasn’t going to die.

I started going to the gym and the pool to build up my strength so I could go back to work.

I returned to work in March. I returned to my job at tailings, which had been changed to a single operator.  So I had a lone time. I didn’t have to deal with anyone till we had shift change. I had a truck to drive if I needed to go somewhere. I survived working for about 14 months. I had trouble with stairs because of my right lung.
My boss let me leave my paperwork in his truck or he would come get it.

I went to work Wednesday and by Saturday
I couldn’t get my zipper done up. I told my Superintendent that I needed to go to the doctor’s. I flew home by myself when I got to the doctor, she said I had to go to the oncologist in Kelowna. I called Dave at workand he flew out the next day. We had an appointment on the Wednesday.

The oncologist said if I wanted I could do another round of chemo. It would help with the fluid buildup and the pain.
We decided to put it off till symptoms got worse.

By June, we figured it was time. I had an appointment to go to Kamloops to get another pic line. This time the procedure was worse because she said I didn’t need any drugs. It was worse, I thought I was going to pass out.

Once again I started chemo, after eighteen weeks. I thought about going back to work but the second round took more out of me then I thought. My ears had started ringing again, they still ring to this day. It is really annoying.  The bottom of my feet have a numb feeling,
they aren’t really that bad.

To this day I haven’t had any more treatments.  I take a few Tylenol or ibuprofen.  I take a diuretic every few weeks.  Maybe once a week. I have a adjustable bed now and it makes a big difference because I don’t have to lay flat which irritates the lung.

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