Washington DC

I contacted a woman in England and she recommended I contact Mary. I emailed Mary and she called me, we talked for about a half an hour. She sent me contact information to go to Washington. I talked to a Lisa and she arranged for me to go to the Clinic. We got my records sent to her and we made arrangements to fly to Vegas and transfer to Washington. We arrived at the airport, they only had a Lincoln Navigator. It is a huge SUV, it was dark and raining. Thank God we brought our GPS, we would have never found anything.

In the morning we had 14 km to get to the hospital. I took us 35 mins to go that far. We went through security and then we had to find a parking space for our huge SUV, it would go in the undercover parking. We finally got valet parking for the whole day free.

I had to answer more questions at admitting. We were there for more then an hour. We went upstairs and then got escorted to the lab, EKG and the cat scan. There was a problem with one of the cat scans so we were there forever. Dave went up and told Lisa we were delayed.

We went upstairs and met with the doctor and answered more questions, nurse asked more questions. Then, we met with the team of doctors.

They want us to come back. I need to look in to my grandparents. I am going to get all my cat scans for them. I will be contacting the surgeon and see if I can get other info before I go back.

I have sent all the information that they wanted. I got cds from  Cariboo Memorial and I went to the surgeon’s office in Kelowna. I got reports from him and mailed them.

I have contacted Bethesda and we are going back.  I have all my info ready to go.


We arrived late at night, so we had to g across Washington.  We stayed in Silver Springs.  It was a nice area ,  the hotel wasn’t too far from the hospital.  I got there and had blood work.

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