Branca the best cat I’ve ever known

Ready to travel
Ready to travel


Ok maybe I know other cats, but she is awesome. She travels everywhere we do. She has been travelling with us since she was a kitten. 2012_07_08_0607
She even put up with a 53 km quad ride into the bush outside of Dawson City Yukon.
I have lost track of how many motel rooms she has been in.

She follows me around the house. She has to be close, right now she is sleeping on the back of my chair.

She has her little rituals. When you wake up in the night to go to the bathroom. She rolls over on the bathmat so you can rub her belly. Then she waits by the door, and you have to walk her to her dish in the kitchen. You go back to bed and she follows after she has had her snack. In the morning she wakes you up so she can go outside.

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